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Private Policy

The Gananoque Inn is committed to protecting your personal privacy.

Personal information is collected for the purpose of:

  • Providing room, restaurant, conference and banquet reservations
  • Collecting payment for services and products
  • Analyzing guest preferences and providing promotional information

Personal information is collected:

  • During reservation
  • Upon registration
  • At time of payment
  • During phone calls and on receipt of email requests
  • When completing surveys in writing or online

Information storage:

  • Information submitted on the website is stored at the IPS and occasionally with a privacy policy third party for marketing purposes.
  • The Gananoque Inn stores client information on-site both electronically and in hard copy.

The Gananoque Inn collects and analyzes statistical data regarding traffic to the web site.

The Gananoque Inn maintains security measures over all methods of storage. Information may be provided to third parties for business purposes with contractual agreements to ensure privacy protection.

The Gananoque Inn web site contains links to other web sites. If users choose one of these links,

The Gananoque Inn has no control over that web site.

The Gananoque Inn does not sell or distribute its database.

The Gananoque Inn requires consent for marketing mailings. Names may be removed from the mailing list upon request.

Personal information may be removed from records on request subject to legal retention requirements.

For further information contact The Gananoque Inn Privacy Officer at 1-888-565-3101.