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How is a Property Rated?

Once a property has been categorized it is evaluated for physical quality of the property, content of facilities, services and amenities provided. All properties, regardless of their star level, must also meet stringent cleanliness and state of repair guidelines.

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  • Each category and star level has distinct criteria which must be achieved.
  • A star rating from (1 to 5, in ½ star increments), is awarded based on the results of the evaluation. Each star level reflects specific consumer expectations.
  • A one star rating reflects that a property is clean and comfortable and has met or exceeded nationally accepted criteria in the areas of facilities, services, amenities and quality of the accommodation. Additional stars are awarded depending on the extent of facilities, services, amenities and quality of accommodations.
  • Where the quality of facilities is superior, a property may be awarded a half-star above its criteria rating, ie. a two star property may warrant a 2½ star rating, depending on the overall quality assessment.

The following are the star rating descriptions:

At this level, guests should expect clean and well-maintained accommodations providing the necessary facilities for an enjoyable stay. Criteria includes standards such as room size, window screens and coverings, clothes storage, linens, door lock, smoke detector, and parking facilities.

This level equates to what is popularly considered “mid-range” accommodation. It exceeds the 1 star level in quality of mattress, bed linen, floors/window/wall coverings, and in provision of bedside and seating area lighting, additional room furniture, and parking space.

These properties will offer larger units with additional room furniture, coordinated furnishings, better quality mattresses and linens, and will be equipped with clock/alarm, extra amenities in washrooms, etc. Private baths for all BB rooms is a requirement for a 3 star and higher rating. Three star properties offer above average facilities and services.

This rating indicates exceptional quality in all areas of facilities and services offering superior quality throughout the property in areas of guestrooms, bath and common areas. The property typically provides laundry/valet service as well as many additional amenities.

A 5 star property is luxurious at a world standard, offering outstanding facilities, guest service and amenities.

Remember, in order to be in a position to be licensed, a property must obtain the “1” star level in areas of facility requirements (clean, comfortable accommodations). Properties which do not obtain this level cannot be licensed. Properties that meet the minimum licensing requirement may request a full rating evaluation and have the opportunity to achieve between 1 and 5 stars.